We need to talk about immigration

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Immigration has a mixed relationship with the United Kingdom (UK) population. It was one of the cornerstones of the decision to leave the European Union (EU). The UK had no control over who was coming into the country, whether they be potential terrorists or hard-working members of their respective communities. They were accused of taking British jobs, lowering the wages and sponging off the welfare state, when they had made no contribution to it.

In reality they took jobs which 90% of the UK population were unwilling to do, paid their taxes and over…

Or the Pale Rider of the Apocalypse

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The 19th of July should have been a day for rejoicing, when the perils of Covid 19 were behind us. Most of the restrictions imposed during the pandemic were lifted. The wearing of masks was no longer a legal requirement and capacity limits in bars and restaurants were removed. There was to be no limit on how many people could meet outside and the requirement for social distancing was eliminated.

This, however, is against the backdrop of rising covid-19 cases and the increase in hospital admissions. There were 46,558 new cases in the…

Education +£1.5billion=bad

Schoolchildren playing tug-of-war

The pandemic highlighted, in bright red, the inequalities in UK society. None more so than in education. With the pandemic slowly retreating the fallout affecting education has become stark .

According to Sir Kevan Collins, who at the time was the government education recovery commissioner, there was an 18 month learning gap between advantaged and disadvantaged pupils at GCSE level. After the pandemic that gap had widened to 22 months. Sir Kevan was asked to develop a long term plan to help pupils catch up the learning they had lost during the pandemic.

Not to be sniffed at

Lines of coke (it is baking powder for the record)

The grooming of children for sex is well documented . Not so well documented is the grooming of children to sell drugs, the so called ‘County lines.’

The UK has been relatively successful in cracking down on drug use in the major cities. The dealers, in order to keep their profits up are moving to the suburbs. The name ‘County lines’ refers to the dedicated mobile phone lines that dealers use and the transport routes that connect dealers and users. There is usually an urban hub connecting to local dealers and users in outlying districts…

But they need upgrading

Man with cooking ingredients, wearing an apron, with his finger in the air

I live opposite a cafe, which before the pandemic was quite busy. Some customers arrived by car; those that consisted of heterosexual couples, the driver was always the man, which in these days of apparent sexual equality, I found strange.

Was it his car? Did he buy it? Did the female object or agree to please him? Can she drive? Three years ago, women in Saudi Arabia were finally allowed to drive. Until then they had to be driven.

In the UK, the Equality Act was passed in 2010 which made discrimination because of gender illegal…

Prove it!

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The United Kingdom (UK) has a problem with the concept of an identity card. They have visions of being stopped in the street and asked to “show their papers.” So being asked for proof of identity when voting is causing some consternation with civil liberty groups.

The legislation being brought in is to try and combat electoral fraud. However, the evidence would suggest that electoral fraud is not a big problem in the UK. In 2018, police investigated 266 allegations which led to one conviction and two police cautions. In the last general election in 2017 there was…

Corruption in official life (slang)

Two business men shaking hands, one is bribing the other.

Are politicians expected to be honest, trustworthy and put the needs of the country before their own? The clue is in the term, public servant.

In November 2020, the National Audit Office (NAO) revealed that the UK government had awarded £10.5 billion of pandemic related contracts without a competitive tendering process and the friends of the Tory party were 10 times more likely to win them. The companies involved were jewelers, pest controllers and candy companies. Obviously vital to dealing with a pandemic. …

Great article. Words of sanity in a world of madness. Woke culture purports to support freedom of speech but in reality only supports freedom of 'acceptable' speech.

While Ireland burns

Picture of a car burning in the street

Northern Ireland is burning, literally from petrol bombs, figuratively from anger and the sense of injustice. A quote from Boris Johnson in 2020 “there will be no border down the Irish Sea-over my dead body.” relating to the Brexit agreement. Brexit happened and the border between the UK and Ireland was drawn down the Irish Sea. Northern Ireland, for trade purposes, has remained, technically, in the EU. Trade between the UK and Northern Ireland became chaotic due to the massive increase in paperwork (see previous article) supermarket shelves became empty of basic supplies. The effects of covid-19…

Paramilitary Policing or Public Protection?

Concept diagram of rules and regulations

The UK government is currently formulating a new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill. This sets out to strengthen the powers of the police in protecting themselves and the prevention, investigation and prosecution of crime. It got its second reading on 15th March against the backdrop of the tragic murder of Sarah Everard, a 33 year old marketing executive who had gone missing after leaving a friend’s home to walk home. …

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